Triangle Renegade CO-OP

Directed by:   J. Gray

Shot by:  Mark Eaton

Gripped by:  Zach Bennitt

Graphic Designed / Color Corrected / Sound Mixed by:   Aaron Cavazos

Starring:  Triangel Renegade CO-OP

Team Triangle has a vision and mission to create a scalable apparel design and manufacturing business incubator that would enable designers to develop and refine their skill, and have access to the amount of fabric, colors, and styles in the smaller quantities they need to launch samples followed by their brand/line. As both independent designers and consumers, Team Triangle has witnessed and experienced the crippling effects of globalization on the American workforce. We are determined to work within the United States, and like many other growing businesses, we face obstacles like meeting overwhelming minimums and lack of capital for production. Team Triangle wants to become the stepping stone for independent designers who are dedicated and ready for production but do not yet have the demand for the volume required by even small American production houses. We intend to reclaim American craftsmen who have been turned away by corporations in exchange for cheaper labor found overseas. Team Triangle is creating a cooperative production facility - The Triangle Renegade Co-op! We plan to start in our community and evolve the co-op into a model that can be easily replicated in communities world wide. The “TRC” will bring together working designers and craftspeople to provide educational workshops, financial planning & business guidance, as well as means of production. Together, we can salvage wasted space, wasted equipment, employ members of our community, and create high quality products at more affordable prices. Even more than that, “TRC” will give designers a better perspective on every step of the process and encourage better choices as they move forward with their businesses. They will have a greater understanding, compassion and connection to each step in the process, from design to final product. We have been truly inspired by Yoxi and are grateful for this opportunity to share our idea with a broader audience. We are on our way to making The Triangle Renegade Co-op a reality! YOU CAN BE INDEPENDENT, BUT YOU DON’T HAVE DO BE ON YOUR OWN!


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